Aug 30, 2012

one-way ticket

I had a wonderful trip to England! It was fantastic time. I realized that if you want to know and feel  real England you must visit small towns, because the capital is more showy! British people are very polite, they are always ready to help.

this is Oxford! beautiful place with the rich history

historic castle

Southern England

Jun 19, 2012


Today I enjoyed a stroll around the city, Vladimir. I love to go back to this magnificent city! The barber gave me a nice haircut, because he was bored!

Jun 1, 2012

space is everywhere

Space sneaks into fashion

first day of freedom

Сегодня мы наслаждались испанским завтраком с моей красавицей-подругой, Алиной. Вчера был последний день школы, и можно наслаждаться летом)

Today we have enjoyed Spanish breakfast with Alina, my best friend. Yesterday was the last day of school and you can enjoy the summer)

May 30, 2012

sea ​​is calling

Я решила начать вести блог с замечательного дня. Мы с одноклассниками ездили на море, жарили шашлыки, играли на гитаре и пели. Я немного загорела!

I decided to start my blog with a wonderful day. We went to the sea with my classmates , played the guitar and had barbecue. I'm burnt a little!